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    Tin solder

    Tin is the main component of solder worldwide. Non-lead containing (Pb-free) solders typically contain 96% Sn whilst for leaded solders the figure is closer to 60% Sn for electronics uses. Both solder types are used in a variety of electronic and industri

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    Tin Chemical

    Tin is used to manufacture three different types of tin chemical: Organotins, Inorganic Sn (II) and Inorganic Sn (IV) chemicals. Tin chemical producers

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    Tin-plated steel, primarily used in food and beverage cans, is a traditional market for tin, which functions as a corrosion protector in the material.

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    Lead-acid batteries

    Tin is used as an additive to lead-calcium alloys in the grids of lead-acid batteries in order to improve performance and to a lesser extent in the posts and straps of the battery.

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    Other tin applications

    The pewter industry is particularly sensitive to tin price as there are several cheaper alternatives in the giftware and tableware markets, and this was a concern.

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